Tips on Getting a Better Paid Job

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Tips on Getting a Better Paid Job

Many of us would like to get more money for the job that we are doing. This might because we think we deserve more money for what we do or because we need more money. These are two different circumstances and trying to get better pay may need different tactics depending on which of the situations you are in.

  • We deserve more money – if you are in a situation where you feel that you are working really hard and should have more pay then you have a few possibilities that you can try. Hopefully, it is obvious that you are working hard and so if you go to your bosses for a performance review, they would be able to see that was true. If this is not the case then you need to make sure that people can see that you are working hard. Make sure that you are producing results, for example. It can all be very being in work for a lot of time and feeling that you are working harder then others, but if you do not have anything to show for what you are doing then it can be difficult to prove that you deserve more money.

Once you are able to provide some evidence that you are worthy of being paid more then you will be able to go to the appropriate person and ask them about it. It may be that they will be happy to oblige, but it is more likely that you may have to be prepared to take on more responsibility or take on a new role in order to get that. You may be quite prepared to do that and to apply for other roles within the company. However, it may be the case that your company is not able to pay more money or does not have more roles available due to their own circumstances.

In this case you may need to consider looking for a job in a new company. This is not easy as it can be tricky to move to a new company and you may be happy where you are. You may not want to move away from your company or you may feel that doing a new job is too far out of your comfort zone. It Is up to you to decide how strong your feelings are for getting more money.

  • We need more money

If you just feel that you need more money then things can be more difficult. You are not starting form a place where you feel you deserve it and therefore trying to argue a case for a pay rise could be difficult as you would not be able to prove that you actually deserve it. It may be that you will need to work on that area. Perhaps a place to start might be to try to get some more qualifications or training behind you. Larger businesses will be able to provide this and it could be a good way to show that you want to expand your knowledge and this could show that you are worth more money as you have this extra knowledge. If you work for a smaller company you would have to pay for the training yourself and if you are already short of money, this may not be a viable option for you.

Another option could be to prove yourself in work. You will need to be prepared to put in more to your work. This means that you will need to make sure that you arrive on time and work all of your hours. Try to be a productive as possible so that you get a good output of work each day. If you are struggling to be productive due to a problem, then take that to your manager to see whether they can help you to fix it. If they cannot, they will at least realise that you are doing your best to work hard and to be as productive as you can. Once you have proven yourself for a few months you might then be in a position to think that you deserve more money and can try to see if that money is available.

For many people a better paid job will have to be in a different company. Many companies will not give huge jumps in salary and so moving to another company and negotiating a salary that is higher could be your best chance. You could wait for a promotion opportunity but you may have to wait a long time and then there will not e a guarantee that you get it anyway. It all really depends on how much you are prepared to do to try to get more money, but there is a selection of options out there.

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